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Paula Pellissier
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After finding out I may be getting a foreclosure notice in 3 days I went to google to find an attorney and found Anthony. He called me back in 10 minutes! And it was 10:00 at night! The valuable advise he gave me left me with the hope I needed to save my home for my family. My husband and I got Covid very very bad and he was in the hospital for 8 days and I should have been in the hospital too but I had to release myself because I have a daughter that was home alone. We were very sick for 16 days and this is what caused us to get behind. Anthony's advise was sincere. He
Tattoo Rider
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Could not be happier to have come across Homeowner Protection Alliance. they made us feel safe and we had nothing to worry about, I never had to repeat things or remind them of our situation. Communication was easy which made understanding the process with our situation, the stayed in contact with me the whole time till everything we finished.
Mandy Beachel
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I want to thank the homeowner protection alliance Anthony for all the work he has done to help my husband and I get back on track. I searched online for help and just came across the homeowner protection and I filled out the information on a Sunday and he called me right away and we talked and we got everything started right away. We appreciate all the help they did and I just want to let people know there is help out there don’t be afraid to go for it. They are really nice and great people to deal with.i definitely recommend them.
Peggy Schmidt
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From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank Nick and Homeowner Protection Alliance for their support and referral to Roosevelt Law Firm which enabled us to save our house. Their efficiency and support helped us through a difficult time with the best results. We highly recommend both businesses!
Liliana Rodriguez
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I am very thankful to have come across Anthony and Andrea from HPA. Andrea was very sweet and understanding and Anthony was very direct and informative when it came to my options to save my home. He even reached out to my mortgage company and realized they had set me up for failure. Now I understand my options and will be able to keep my home. I'm extremely grateful!
Jacquice Calhoun
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Thank you for all the help. The Homeowner Protection Alliance was very helpful in helping me and my family get started. All the football talks help calm me and make sure I got all the paperwork in during this time. Thank you for mixing business with family. You guys are wonderful.