Jason Murphy

Jason Murphy@HPA

Homeowner Protection Alliance is proud to Celebrate Jason Murphy 10th Year as a Foreclosure Advocate!

Born in Liverpool UK, and raised in southern California, Jason joined our team at the start of 2012. Having worked in the mortgage & lending industry before his arrival, he witnessed first hand the difficult hardships homeowners suffered through after the 2008 economic and real estate crash. He decided to join the side of the good. He has been an essential member of our team since the first day he volunteered to help homeowners in foreclosure.

An early rise, Jason is at his desk at 6am sharp every morning answering calls and helping homeowners in hardship. He also makes himself available to all his homeowners with her work cellphone.

Caring and empathetic. Ever dedicated to protecting homeowners. Jason has grown a very large following amongst his homeowners. Below are just a small fraction of the hundreds of videos and reviews he has received from thankful happy homeowners.

Homeowner Protection Alliance is very proud of Jason Murphy and the wonderful service he provides homeowners across the country. We celebrate his 10 years as a member of our dedicated advocacy group. This video is a mix of just a small fraction of the thousands of homeowners he has saved and protected. JasonMurphy@HPA

Javier shares his experience with Foreclosure. And how Jason Murphy from Homeowner Protection Alliance helped him get through it all and come out on the other side with his home and mortgage resolved. Great video.

Amazing video from an amazing kind lady. Thank you Ms. Peterson for taking the time to make this video, as well as the kind words. We know Jason is very proud to have protected you and helped you resolve all your mortgage needs. Homeowner Protection is proud to be your advocacy group. JasonMurphy@HPA

Mr. Berger was very kind to make this video and share his experience and appreciation for the essential help Jason provided in protecting his home from Foreclosure.

Great video from Jesus. Sharing his story of how Jason and Homeowner Protection Alliance protected his home.

The Fields family share thier experience with Jason Murphy @ Homeowner Protection Alliance

Mr. Jordan shared his experience with Jason Murphy and Homeowner Protection Alliance

You can watch more of Jason Murphy’s videos as well as hundreds of videos made by homeowners for our other amazing advocates on our Facebook and Google pages. Make sure to also visit our Rescued Members Page for thousands more reviews and videos. There are literally thousands of content pieces.

Contact Jason direct at 949.202.1838

Email him at Jason@hpahelp.com