James Gerrard


Homeowner Protection Alliance is proud to Celebrate James Gerrard’s 12th Year as a Foreclosure Advocate!

Born and raised in Manchester UK, James joined our team at the start of 2012. Having worked for a mortgage bank before his arrival, he witnessed first hand the lack of sympathy and empathy the mortgage companies offered homeowners in hardship. He decided to join the side of the good. He has been an essential member of our team since the first day he volunteered to help homeowners in foreclosure.

Caring and empathetic. Dedicated to protecting homeowners, James has grown a very large following amongst his homeowners.

Nearly Four years ago (March 2018) our YouTube team made this amazing video mix to celebrate James 6 year anniversary at Homeowner Protection Alliance. Since that time James has continued to help and protect his homeowners in hardship.

Jeremy shares his experience with James Gerrard @ HPA protecting his home and family from Foreclosure. JamesGerrard@HPA

Mr. Pelayo’s powerful video about his experience with James Gerrard at Homeowner Protection Alliance. JamesGerrard@HPA

James should be very proud of the help he provided the Dirocco family and the kind words they shared about him. JamesGerrard@HPA

Mr. Combes shares his experience with James and Homeowner Protection Alliance. JamesGerrard@HPA

James truely worked a miracle to help Tony and his amazing family avoid foreclosure and get back their home. JamesGerrard@HPA

Tammy shares her experience working with James at Homeowner Protection Alliance. JamesGerrard@HPA

The Harvey Family from Los Angeles California share their wonderful results achieved by James Gerrard. kind words from a very kind and gracious family. All of us here at Homeowner Protection Alliance are extremely proud of James and the result he got for this lovely family.

Robert’s amazing video about James Gerrard at Homeowner Protection Alliance helping stop the foreclosure of his home. as well as refer him to Roosevelt Law who secured him much better loan terms with his lender. from foreclosure, to a more affordable payment. couldn’t ask for a better pre charismas gift.

You can watch more of James Gerrard’s videos as well as hundreds of videos made by homeowners for our other amazing advocates on our Facebook and Google pages. Make sure to also visit our Rescued Members Page for thousands more reviews and videos. There are literally thousands of content pieces.

Contact James direct at 949.202.1843

Email him at James@hpahelp.com