David Allen

Homeowner Protection Alliance is proud to Celebrate David Allen’s 5th Year as a Foreclosure Advocate!

Honesty and Honor, the two traits that describe Mr. David Allen the best. For over 5 years David has been a vital member of our Advocacy team. David has been in the Mortgage industry for over 15 years, and has extensive experience in the mortgage servicing and foreclosure industry.

An early rise, David is at his desk at 6am sharp every morning answering calls and helping homeowners in hardship. He also makes himself available to all his homeowners all through the day and night. Even when out of town, he makes himself available to help homeowners with their urgent questions and needs.

Soft spoken, calm, and always respectful. He is a fantastic gentleman, and even better homeowner advocate.



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Contact David direct at 949.359.0373

Email him at David@hpahelp.com