Brent Miller


Homeowner Protection Alliance is proud to Celebrate Brent Miller’s 12th Year as a Foreclosure Advocate!

Mr. Miller was an essential member of our team at our creation in 2010. Brent possesses true tenacity and energy. Brent has always shown genuine empathy to help homeowners. In the time earning the friendship and gratitude of thousands of homeowners. Over the twelve plus years of service, he has amassed thousands of reviews. Along with hundreds of fantastic testimonial videos. These real faces and real stories are a testament to Brent Miller’s spirit and ethos.

We are proud to present a mix of the many videos, testimonials, reviews, and content his very satisfied families have made.

Two years ago (January 2020) our YouTube team made this amazing video mix to celebrate Brent’s 10 year anniversary at Homeowner Protection Alliance. The two years since have been difficult for the entire world. During that time Brent has continued to help and protect his homeowners in hardship.

Great video from Ms. Felton describing in detail how Brent and his team at Homeowner Protection Alliance protected her family from Foreclosure! BrentMiller@HPA

One of our Favorite videos made for Brent Miller. Melissa was very kind to make and share this testimonial video about the amazing help she received from BrentMiller@HPA.

Wonderful video from the always lovely Mrs. Skeeter sharing her experience with Brent and his team at Homeowner Protection Alliance. BrentMiller@HPA

We want to first thank Mr. Igno for his courageous service as a Front Line worker during the past 2 difficult years. We are also very proud of Brent and his team at HPA for helping protecting his home and family during this difficult time. BrentMiller@HPA

You can watch many more the hundreds of Brent Miller’s videos as well as hundreds of videos made by homeowners for our other amazing advocates on Facebook and Google. Make sure to also visit our Rescued Members Page for thousands more reviews and videos.

Reach Brent direct at 949.391.2778. Or email him on